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My Relationship with the Queen of All Flowers

Updated: May 18, 2023

There are moments in life when it becomes clear that there is a supernatural force guiding us, especially during times when our ability to cope on our own is tested.

In my journey, I have experienced unbearable loss, emotional pain that seeped into the depths of my soul, and depression that manifested as physical illness. These are relatable parts of the human experience. In those moments when we feel utterly helpless, connecting with high frequencies can be a lifeline, raising our own vibration and leading us towards healing.

It was during one of these incredibly challenging seasons that the beautiful and powerful Rose revealed herself to me. She tenderly weaves together the realms of nature and the mystical. I realized that we are kindred spirits—both mortals, yet magical in our own unique ways.

The captivating essence of the Rose intoxicated me when medications had left me emotionally flat. She enhanced my ability to experience joy, elevating and inspiring me as she gently guided my transformation through the darkest of times.

The more I connected with this ancient flower, with a history dating back at least 35 million years, the more she offered me with her soothing medicine. The Rose helped me rediscover my softer feminine side while embracing my strength as a woman who has learned to navigate life's challenges. She stood as my guardian during moments of fear and consoled me when I felt completely overwhelmed. As a highly sensitive person, I often absorb lower energies from the world around me, but the Rose provided protection with her high frequency, shielding me from negativity. She taught me how to keep my heart open even when it felt easier to shut it away. She offered nurturing when I felt lost, grounded me when I felt unsteady, and gifted me with moments of pleasure when life weighed heavy upon me. The Rose has become a trusted companion.

If the language of flowers speaks to your soul, the Rose is a sacred ally, bringing richness and beauty, abundant wellness, and deep healing. She carries the energy of whatever you need, wherever you are on your journey.

Is the energy of the Rose calling you to surrender and let go? Is she urging you to expand beyond your comfort zone? Perhaps she beckons you to find strength, courage, or to reconnect with your divine essence? Maybe she is simply inviting you to have faith in the unfolding of your own path or to fully bloom into your own magnificence? If you sense her invitation resonating within you, know that she promises to unlock the mysteries of your soul and guide you towards profound transformation.

Are you ready to embark on this sacred journey with the Rose? Inquire about the Rose Goddess Retreat today and discover the magic and medicine that awaits you. Allow yourself to surrender to the beauty and power of the rose, for within her petals lies the key to unlocking your true potential. 🌹

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