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Soul + Spa Packages

Spiritually based offerings to help you tap into a sense of inner calm, moments of personal insight, higher purpose, and divine splendor. 

Are you looking for more than just pampering?


Treatments rooted in spirituality offer health and well being beyond the physical benefits.  


Improve clarity, enhance your mood and find emotion/mental/physical and spiritual balance.  


Let us help you connect to something larger than yourself by integrating spiritual pursuits into the following offerings.

 Relax. Heal. Connect. 
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90 Mins

Harmonizing holistic healing and luxurious pampering, you'll begin with a Sage, Sea Salt & Moonwater Mist Energetic Clearing.

You’ll learn to breath in new possibilities with Guided Breath Work to bring you into the present moment and foster a sense of peace and calming.  

Unwind into a meditative escape with soothing music and sacred geometry fractal art assimilation.  Allow your body and mind to relax using Neurofeedback to create new neuropathways as you release patterns which no longer serve your highest good.

Incorporating the potent energy of flowers + gemstones, you’ll glow from within as you rebirth your true nature. 


You’ll enjoy a sparkling water facial cleanse, aroma hot towel and Gemstone Oil Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage.  


This experience concludes with a Flower Essence  & Crystal Chakra Energy Balancing Session leaving you feeling refreshed, regenerated and vibing higher.  (1.5 Hrs.)


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120 Mins

With the intention to nurture, revitalize, and support your true essence, this decadent package includes everything in the Renewed Spirit package, as well as the following additions:  


You’ll delight in a Brightening Hand Treatment allowing you to more confidently hold all that you are worthy of.  Includes exfoliation/resurfacing, massage and paraffin alternative.


Be open to receiving with a light-hearted Intuitive Card Reading.  Clarity, insight and spiritual guidance will enlighten your path.  (2 Hrs.)





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150 Mins

Where beauty meets the divine, this lavish ensemble transports you the heavenly realms as you savor every indulgence from the Renewed Spirit + Brighten & Enlighten packages as well as the following additions:


Seduce your senses with an enchanting Floral + Gemstone Infused Fizzy Foot Soak full of essential oils and botanical essences.


Release endorphins, boost circulation and unveil your true beauty with a Facial Exfoliation, Customized Mask, Ear Massage, and LED Light Therapy.  You were born to illuminate the world, so your experience will finish with an application of Gold Illuminating Drops allowing you to glisten, glow and sparkle like the stars.  (2.5 Hrs.)


Are you ready to radiate harmony, wholeness and wellbeing?  Get scheduled today so you can say “it is well with my soul.”

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180 Mins

Luxuriate in ultimate serenity…this is a deeper experience to transform your body, mind and spirit.  The Ceremonia package provides a nurturing opportunity for introspection as you connect with your inner self.  This lovely collection includes ALL of the magic from the Renewed Spirit, Brighten & Enlighten, and Starlight packages, as well as the following additions:


Heighten your spiritual awareness as you align with purpose in a sacred Intention Setting Ritual.


Let your soles shine as you revel in a Hot Stone Foot Massage, Foot Anointing + Foot Mask.  


Surrender into bliss with an Herbal Hair Elixir + Scalp Massage for a luminous crown.

From head to toe and inside out, you’ll be honored for the jewel that you are.  


Reconnect with the magic of your inner truth in a powerful Reiki Healing Session where you will also Discover Your Animal Spirit Guide and receive a receive a Customized Affirmation and Spoken Blessing over you.


Your self-love ceremony concludes with a blanket of Blue Lotus Magical Floral Water Spritzing and Tingsha Bell Sound Therapy to heal your aura.


Your take home treasures from the day include an Intention Jar, Meditation and Sample of Wildflower Wellness Tea.  You’ll leave feeling restored from this tranquil experience sure to soothe your body and mind, uplift your senses and raise your consciousness. (3 Hrs.)




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We invite you to explore our nourishing offerings and book your next appointment today.

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Whether you are seeking peace of mind, clarity or closure, a medium reading can be quite healing.


Connect with a loved one in spirit to receive messages or answers to your questions. 

$150 for 60 Minutes - Medium

$75 for 30 Minutes - Medium

$99 for 45 Minutes Soul Reading

(not looking to connect with loved ones crossed over)

Medium Review.png

Because of the personal nature & time considerations necessary, we ask that you schedule any Soul+Spa service by contacting us below:

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Gateway to the Divine - Eye Treatment

Open the gateway to the Divine with this treatment as it refreshes the delicate tissue around the orbital area while activating the third eye!  

To boost hydration, reduce dark circles, and plump fine lines, you’ll start with a gentle cleanse and application of Peptide Eye Serum followed by targeted nano-needling (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!)  Next, you’ll fancy a Gua Sha eye and forehead massage and high vibe tuning fork brow lift.  Take pleasure in dreamy aromas while you meditate with an under eye gel mask as well as a soothing Jade stone over the eye mask. You’ll finish with an Egyptian essence oil anointing on the Ajna Chakra and unicorn tears eye serum followed by a velvety eye mousse.  Your hand crafted bindi keepsake will remind you to access your inner wisdom as you enhance the power of your 6th chakra.  This service changes your appearance by creating a new inner picture.  

$77 Stand Alone ~ $55 Add On

Speak It Into Being Lip Treatment

Every word you speak is a spell,  so use the power of positivity with your kisser to call in what you desire!

Spoil yourself with a champagne lip scrub followed by a specialized Gua Sha lip massage using a 24K Gold Rose Lip Oil.  Manifest the perfect pucker with an ultra rich redensifying lip mask to restore volume and definition, leaving lips softer, fuller, and incredibly supple.  Smooth out the lines of the past with a sonic lip plumper using vibrational healing.  Tuning forks ring precise frequencies which align you to a pattern of balance and inner harmony.  You’ll finish with a liquid crystal lip serum to soften and condition your pretty pout and a “speak it into being” beauty practice.  

$55 Stand Alone ~ $33 Add On

stefanie reading.jpg

Stefanie Renee, L.E.

Reiki Master/Teacher

Spiritual Medium


In addition to practicing advanced skin care using progressive techniques since 2000, Stefanie has been offering soulful insight  in the healing arts field for well over a decade.  As a natural intuitive, she finds her greatest joy in coaching others toward purpose and empowerment during one on one sessions.  She has completed trainings in yoga, shamanic studies, crystal healing, herbalism and also offers Reiki training and certification.

Events & Classes


Intuition Bootcamp

Learn to develop

your Psychic Clairs

All the answers you need

are within you ✨

As it becomes more and more essential to draw on natural wisdom to navigate life, having intuitive insight is key 🗝️





Small Group Coaching 


Spiritual Community

1 cup Workshop

1 cup Spiritual Community

1 cup Personal Growth

1/2 cup Girl Time

a dash of spiritual mentoring...

Bake for 2 hrs, 1x/week for 6 weeks in a safe space - refreshing for the soul!

Registration Closed


Balanced Chakras, Balanced Life 


3 Ways to Read 


This is a 3 part class

over zoom covering the basic 7 chakras and how to read them for yourself & others.

Nov 10, 17 & Dec 1, 2022

Thursdays from

6-7:30 pm MST.

Full Moon

Gallery Reading

Join Stefanie Renee for an evening of connection to spirit from the Other Side.  Stefanie will provide as many readings for the audience as she can during this 90 minute session.  This is a beautiful way to tap into the afterlife and experience connection with our passed family, friends and loved ones.  


Dec 8 | 6 pm MST

Online Event

Free Demonstration

of Mediumship

Registration Closed

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