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Restore your mind, body, & soul

Through the Ceremonia spiritual spa day experience
Discover the new you today!
Excellent 4.9
Based on 119 Google Reviews
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The Ceremonia Spa Experience

Cleanse your mind

Drink in the meditative effects of  energetic clearing, Chakra Anointing, and Guided Breathwork

Pamper your body

Rejuvenate your body with simple & unique treatments, rituals, and therapies 

Claim the energy you have created within your body, Amplify your strength, and Seal your Desires

Free your spirit

The Ceremonia is a half day spiritual spa experience. Crafted to elevate the normal pampering of a spa day and intertwine it with a spiritual experience you will never forget.

You will leave feeling restored; mind, body, and soul. Begin a new chapter ready to conquer old fears and become the self of your dreams! 

#7 Crystal Chakra Balancing Session

#11 Floral Hair Elixir + Scalp Massage

What's Included:

  1. Start with a Sage, Sea Salt & Moonwater Mist Energetic Clearing.

  2. Align your intentions with a sacred Tea Ceremony & Intention Setting Ritual.

  3. Soak your feet in a Fizzy Foot Soak infused with essential oils and botanicals.

  4. Awaken your inner wisdom with an Ajna Chakra Anointing.

  5. Elevate your awareness through Guided Breath-Work.

  6. Immerse in a Meditative Escape with soothing music and fractal art.

  7. Refresh with a Flower Essence & Crystal Chakra Balancing Session.

  8. Rejuvenate with a Rose Quartz or Amethyst Facial Treatment.

  9. Experience Vibrational Healing with a Sonic Lip Plumper.

  10. Pamper your hands and feet with a Foot Mask & Brightening Hand Treatment.

  11. Relish a Herkimer Diamond Oil Ear Massage and Floral Hair Elixir + Scalp Massage.

  12. Receive Reiki Energy Healing, Discover Your Animal Spirit Guide, and Customized Affirmation.

  13. Enjoy Lite Bites + Herbal Tonic.

  14. Gain spiritual insights with an Intuitive Card Reading.

  15. Conclude with a Blue Lotus Magical Floral Water Spritz and Tingsha Bell Sound Therapy.

And so much more!

#14 Card Reading

#8 Rose Quartz Facial Treatment

"Stefanie is insightful and caring.  I am beyond grateful for the energy work I have received from her.  Every time I leave feeling lighter, more connected and vibrating at a higher frequency.

~Valerie E.

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"I work with Stefanie as a support when I am feeling a bit lost or want to have my energy balanced a bit more than what I can do for myself. Some of my fears have been - am I on the right path? Where the heck should I be focused in life?  I always feel so supported and grounded after working with Stefanie."

~Taylor S.

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"I have worked with Stefanie for years and in that time she was the mentor in my life that ushered in trusting my intuition and strengthening my connection with the subtle body and my spiritual team."

~Julie M.

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Breathe life back into your spirit

  • What is the Ceremonia?
    The Ceremonia is a spiritual spa half-day experience that goes for about 4-5 hours. Incorporating traditional spa day treatments with spiritual rituals to create a unique experience beyond simple pampering. For an exact layout of the half-day experience please email us:
  • Why choose the Ceremonia over a traditional spa day?
    Spa days are a fantastic way to treat yourself, rejuvenate your body, and calm your mind. But they typically leave the soul untouched. We created the Ceremonia to provide an experience that touches on all the aspects of your true self to help you discover the new you.
  • Who guides you through this experience?
    Your guide through the Ceremonia experience is Stefanie Renee. She is a Licensed Esthetician, Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Death Doula, and Spiritual Medium. Stefanie promises to be the unwavering lighthouse in your journey, providing a safe harbor for exploration and transformation. "Ceremonia" is an invitation to invest in yourself, embrace your purpose, and live a soul-aligned life. Whether you yearn for a profound spiritual connection, empowerment to overcome obstacles or clarity on your life's path, Stefanie brings forth her natural gift as a messenger for Spirit as she beckons you into her realm.
  • This is my first time doing something like this, what should I expect?
    We welcome people at any stage of their spiritual journey. From total beginners to lifelong practitioners, we will guide you through every step of the process to ensure you feel comfortable and have the most blissful experience possible!
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