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Is your brain functioning efficiently?

Your brain is capable of optimal functioning, but when your Central Nervous System is off kilter your brain operates inefficiently.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning CNS can include:

  • Feeling stressed & overwhelmed

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Feeling low or sad

  • Difficulty paying attention

  • Feeling anxious

  • Addictions

  • Headaches

  • Catching cold or infections

  • Irritability

  • Memory problems

  • Poor performance on tasks

  • Overactivity


What is it?

NeurOptimal® is considered by many to be the most highly evolved form of neurofeedback available today.  This is a safe, effective system that gives feedback directly to your brain, allowing it to regulate itself more efficiently. 

Please contact us with your questions, or if you would like additional information.

How it works?

NeurOptimal® is essentially a brain workout. It trains your brain to be more flexible and resilient. Without pushing it in any specific direction, the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system interacts with your central nervous system in a way that improves neural plasticity. A mind that is more flexible adapts and responds quicker and more appropriately to changes in your environment.  The more easily your brain adjusts to changes encountered in a normal busy day, the better you feel. A lack of brain fitness, on the other hand, can leave you drained and stressed at the end of the day.


Benefits of using Neurofeedback


Overall Brain Health

Enhances learning capacity, personal enrichment and keeps your brain fit.


Improved Memory

Improved concentration, multi-tasking, problem solving and memory may be a result of increased neuroplasticity. 


Improved Sleep

Many people who go through neurofeedback training report having improved sleep quality.


ADHD Assistance

Research has suggested neurofeedback training may be a way to improve ADHD.


Improved Depression Symptoms

Can help perception of "stuff" and boost self-esteem.


Help with Anxiety

Can improve stress and anxiety as well as symptoms of depression.

What happens in a session?

NeurOptimal® is an effortless and effective brain training method. It’s a non-invasive and safe neurofeedback training for kids and adults alike.  

When training your brain with the NeurOptimal® system, sensors are placed on your scalp and ear which read electrical signals or brainwaves coming from your brain. Nothing goes back to your brain through the sensors. You are given headphones to listen to music during the brain training session. The music is the platform for the feedback. The design of the brain is that we use auditory sense perception 24/7 to note changes in our environment. NeurOptimal was designed to use our brain's natural way of noticing changes.

What To Expect From Your First Neurofeedback Session

The NeurOptimal® neurofeedback program reads the brain signals 256 times per second! That’s how fast your brain is communicating. When the NeurOptimal® software detects changes in brainwaves it creates a micro-interruption in the music, which you may notice as a skipping record sound. Why interrupt the music? It signals to you to pay attention to what’s going on. Through the training you are learning t,o use better information - present moment information, rather than staying stuck in your habitual patterns.

NeurOptimal sensors read your brainwaves - nothing is added to your brain.

brain train.png

What would life look like if you…

Had help with sleep management?

Were more calm?

Were more focused?

Felt more certain + comfortable + confident?

Had help with performance anxiety?

Woke up refreshed?

Could cope with things better?

Had help managing stress?

Had help becoming more flexible + resilient, allowing more ease in life?

Had more good days than bad?

Had help with weight loss goals?

Had help with relaxation + stress management?

Could improve concentration/problem-solving/multi-tasking/resource management?

Could enhance learning capabilities?

Could boost your self-esteem?


Your transformation begins here.

Reach out to schedule your brain training session with Neuroptimal!

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